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Lupita Cavazos-Garcia
Sep 28, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I met Dr Loro late in his accomplished path, it was too short a period for me to have known him. While working in Fort Bend ISD from 2013-2017, I sought him out to restore some artwork. I made excuses to buy art so I could go visit with him. His depth of art and world knowledge was beyond any person I had ever met. I was a stranger, yet he embraced me and my endless questions. Being born in Mexico with ancestors from Spain, he called me “paisana.” After retiring and coming back to my home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I continued to reach out to him - but not often enough. There were missed opportunities. i could tell he was slowing down and he told me Gretchen had a stroke. I thought it selfish of me to ask if I could mail one more piece of art to repair, but, without hesitation he agreed. it’s strange but today I woke up thinking of him, I called his number and upon getting the message that his phone was disconnected, I knew… Rest In Peace you wonderful soul and Renaissance Man. Dr Lupita Cavazos Garcia
Lupita Cavazos-Garcia

Lupita Cavazos-Garcia

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